World Society for Breast Health (WSBH- Representative, Founder Member, General Secretary, Vice President, President Elect)

Mediterrenean Society of Coloproctology (Founder Member)

Turkish Federation of Breast Diseases Research and Treatment ( Presedent 2009-2011, Founder Member )

Istanbul Breast Society (President 2009- 2012, Founder member)

Turkish Society for Colon and Rectal Disease

Turkish Society of Kidney Transplantation (Founder Member)

Turkish Society of Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Surgery (Founder Member)

Surgical Infection Society

Istanbul Surgical Society (Founder Member)

Turkish Oncology Society

Turkish Surgical Society

Turkish Medical Society

American College of Surgeons ( ACS )

American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons ( ASCRS )

European Association of Endoscopic Laparoscopic Surgeons ( EAES )

Society of Breast Health (Founder Member)

Senologic International Society (Board Member)


1978 First Degree in Graduating Class of 1978 Istanbul University, İstanbul Medical Faculty Capa, Istanbul

1983 Honorary Degree in Military School Etimesgut, Ankara

1989 Granted for two years of Fellowship Tulane University School of Medicine New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.

2001 1st Study Award in 1st Congress of World Society for Breast Health “Sentinel lymph node biopsy and breast cancer”

2003 Best Study Award in 7th National Breast Congress

2004 Honorary Diplome, 75th Anniversary of Bulgarian Surgical Society

2005 Honorable Mention,Certificate of Merit by Paul A Wetter Chairman of the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons during the 14th International Congress and Endo Expo 2005 September 14-17, 2005, San Diego, California, USA

2005 8th National Breast Congress “The best oral presentation award”.

2006 Honorary Diplome and gold medal from Bulgarian Surgical Society, Sofya, Bulgaristan

2007 9th National Breast Congress “The best oral presentation Award ”September 4-9, 2007, Ankara

2007 The expert of breast surgeons in the world : The Breast Health Global Initiative 1-4 October 2007, Budapest, Hungary

2007 The Visiting Professor of Surgery : University of Pittsburgh Magee Women Hospital, Pittssburgh, PA. 10-12 December, 2007

2008 A Survey on Turkish women for breast cancer knowledge were awarded by The Breast Health Global Initiative with a 25.000 USD prize. 2008 A ten years pilot Breast Cancer Screening Project in Bahcesehir, granted by Roche Oncology of Turkey with 2.000.000 USD

2010 17th National Surgery Congress “The Best Oral Presentation Award” May 2010, 26- 29, Ankara,Turkey

2011 Estee Lauder Sponsorship and Partnership for Breast Cancer Awareness Projects

2012 Istanbul Medical Chamber “ Prof.Dr.Nusret Fisek Public Health Awards” (On behalf of The Society of Breast Health)

2013 Best Oral Presentation Prize in 12nd National Breast Cancer Congress, 24-27 October 2013, Antalya

2013 Second Oral Presentation Prize in 12nd National Breast Cancer Congress, 24-27 October 2013, Antalya

2014 Genomic Health Inc. Grand for a study with a title of “The Impact of the Oncotype DX® Breast Cancer Assay on Treatment Decisions for Women with Estrogen Receptor-Positive, in Turkey